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Google Ad Words Advertising

One of the hottest and most measureable forms of advertising today is Google AdWords. Here's the concept: through a planned program, you arrange for a sponsored link from your company to appear along with the search results for a phrase related to your product or service.

One of the best features of Google AdWords advertising, as a concept, is that people see your promotional message at the very moment they are looking for information about your product. So, with a very modest expense, you've reached a person interested in your product at precisely the moment they were looking for information and you've presented a convenient clickable for immediate response to an interest in ordering. Not bad!

We are finding that some companies are fearful of Google AdWords from concern that costs will rise too quickly or will be uncontrollable. Now, in all honesty, if the program is not set up correctly, your mileage will vary. That's where our training and experience can help you. For example, part of managing your program is determining whether your key phrases should be matched exactly, partly or just conceptually before your ad appears and potential costs are incurred. The default is a conceptual match, so if you know someone who felt their Google program did too little and cost too much, that's probably why.

Properly mangaged Google AdWords programs can be VERY successful. Contact Us and find out how our expertise can be profitable for you.

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