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Marketing Ideas

Marketing & business plan idea starters.

Through our years of experience and relationships with publishers and trade professionals, we’ve accumulated a wealth of marketing knowledge. Here’s just a brief sampling of thoughts we can put to work for you! Excerpts are from the Hamilton & Bond white paper series, “Addressing Mature Markets.” This series is filled with useful advice to help you make the most of lucrative — but often hidden — mature market opportunities.

Excerpts from White Papers
Breaking The Mature Market Syndrome
Mature Market Strategy Planning
Renewing a Mature Market
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White Papers
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Breaking The Mature Market Syndrome
(A sampling of our White Paper)
Here are some actions you can take that will help you identify and pursue mature market opportunities:
  • Conduct research. Are there predicted economic or industry changes that signal new opportunity?

  • Consider alternative uses. Would a better or different focus on particular kinds of users lead to increased sales?

  • Determine innovative product differentiations. How can your product be strengthened, lightened, or enhanced? Has a competitor's abandonment of weak products created a unique opportunity?

  • Add new product lines. Are there changes pending in the market that could spark new customer interest? Can your company name/reputation be used to launch a new product line?

  • Close existing product and price gaps. Are you about to drop products for which there might be demand, but not enough understanding? Are specific market niches being overlooked?
Mature Market Strategy Planning
(A sampling of our White Paper)
Growth and profitability goals can be extremely difficult to achieve in mature markets. Learn to step away from your market situation to see the "big picture". Think in terms of what your company should be doing, rather than what it is doing. If you've got an experienced agency that understands marketing, use them. Your company's future is at stake.

There are three phases of Market Maturity, all represent opportunity if your strategy is right!
    Growth Maturity
  • Sales growth rates begin to decline
  • There are no new distribution strategies to fill
  • Some late adopters (buyers) may still be entering the market
    Stable Maturity
  • Sales flatten due to market saturation
  • Most potential customers have already tried the product
  • Future sales are governed by market growth and replacement demand
    Decaying Maturity
  • Overall sales in the segment are beginning to decline
  • Customers have begun switching to other types of products and/or methods
  • Recognize where you stand.
Renewing a Mature Market
Here's an excerpt from our handy "How To" list, available in our white paper series.
    Change the market to create more brand users.
  • Convert non-users
  • Explore new market segments
  • Convert competitors' customers
    Change your product.
  • Quality improvement
  • Feature improvement
  • Style improvement
    Change the marketing mix.
  • Alter your price
  • Examine distribution practices
  • Analyze your advertising
  • Consider sales promotion strategies
  • Study your service