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New and Helpful Search Engine Management Technology

When search engine robots or spiders come to visit your web pages, they first look for a web file called robots.txt. Next, many will look for a page called sitemap.xml

Composed and saved in XML standard format, the sitemap.xml page will help search engine robots or spiders identify and crawl all the pages of your website that you want to be public. More importantly, the sitemap.xml page helps you convey priorities to the search engines such as:
  1. How do you rank the importance of each web page?
  2. How often is each web page likely to be modified? (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)
  3. When was the web page last modified?

Sitemap pages actually tell the search engine robots quite a bit more, too, but this is just an overview discussion. How important are they? Well, several search engines only look for sitemap.xml pages -- they pretty much ignore your website otherwise. That's pretty high on the importance scale! Yet, you'd be surprised how many websites do not even have a sitemap.xml file: does yours? Contact Us, let's get your website the recognition it deserves.

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