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World Dryer Corporation

“The folks at Hamilton & Bond are creative thinkers. They bring us good ideas.” — L. Kilbryde, VP Marketing

Hamilton & Bond competed for the internet business of World Dryer on the basis of its ability to achieve their three stated objectives:
  1. To greatly improve their search engine visibility,
  2. To re-design and expand their website content,
  3. To provide reliable web hosting, free from outages and downtime.
In 45 days, our work with search engines on the previous World Dryer website was sufficient to double their web visitations. Within 90 days traffic was significantly more than doubled.

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E-commerce and customer service enhancements have made the World Dryer website a more powerful business tool. Continuous addition of content has provided the marketplace with new and timely reasons to include World Dryer in their building construction or re-furbishing plans.

“H&B is an invaluable resource for us. They “take charge” of our projects through completion without worry or supervision. They have helped our company meet and exceed our website and e-commerce objectives.”
— Linda Kilbryde, Vice President – Marketing

“We have found the internet services of Hamilton & Bond to be extremely reliable and of very high quality. They host our product website, an e-commerce website, a special distributor support website and have developed websites entirely devoted to our two largest customers.”
— Earl Levee, Director of Information Services

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The World Dryer website earned a Tower Award from the Business Marketing Association of Chicago in 1999, and a newly re-designed site earned another Tower Award from the same group in 2001.
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