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The Case For Web Site Accessibility

To help assure that persons with visual or physical impairments are are able to benefit from the vast array of knowledge and information available on websites, Congress has established a number of mandates designed to ensure that disadvantaged citizens and Federal workers have access to Federal electronic information equal to that of individuals who are not disadvantaged.

Hamilton & Bond can provide a preliminary assessment of whether your current website is friendly to disadvantaged users and we can assist you in developing web content compliant with this important web initiative. Our experience in designing and maintaining public service, educational and non-profit association websites for publics in the United States and throughout the world can help you conserve both time and expense in making your website accessible to everyone and meeting Section 508 mandates.

Accomplishing this objective requires specific expertise in the design of visual elements and in programming the structure of compliant web pages. If you are involved with dispersing Federal information, you will want to learn more about specific Section 508 requirements. Most commercial websites would benefit from making their content more accessible to 54 million disabled Americans by voluntarily following guidelines of the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Accessibility Standards
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